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Cheap Lunch

Served from 11:00am - 1:30pm in Engineering Hall

EWEEK 2017 Leaderboards

We will declare the winners at EWEEK Semi-Formal!

Team Size Society Score

EWEEK 2017 Awards

Sexiest Jedi (Female)

Sexiest Jedi (Male)

Most Likely to be Han and Leia (Cutest Couple)

Most Likely to be Han and Chewie (Best Friendship)

Most Likely to be Yoda

Most E-Week Spirit

Most Likely to go Anakin and hate sand

Most likely to swtich from Jedi to Sith

Most likely to be in the Cantina Band

Most likely to win the pod race

Most likely to be R2 and C3P0 (Best love-hate relationship)

Most likely to be a Stormtrooper

Most likely to be an Ewok

Most likely to be Jar Jar

Favorite E-Week Video